TAG – Traditional Aboriginal Games

‘Cultural glory through reliving our ancestors story’

TAG would like to acknowledge and pay respects to the traditional owners of the lands in which we share our programs.

We would like to acknowledge, their elders past and present, and thank them for sustaining our great country, and thank them for their strength and courage in fighting for maintaining our culture, without their strength we would not be able to share our programs today.

Sharing our culture, through sport.

Delivering Indigenous sporting games to schools, corporate and community organisations. TAG sessions are fun, they are designed to get people active, incorporating aspects of our languages, history, culture, and our ways of life.

TAG provides a powerful connection between Aboriginal culture and sport.

Our facilitators are all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with a strong desire to share our culture, and provide a greater understanding for all Australians.

When we feel proud of all aspects of who we are, we have hope.

TAG was founded by two Aboriginal women who have both studied Sport & Exercise Science and one, has both a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science & a Bachelor of Education. Our co-founders have spent most of their lives playing sport, and have always found sport to be the most powerful tool to break barriers, and provide an understanding to non-Indigenous people.

TAG insists that ‘Providing links between Culture and Sport, through education’ will provide better educational outcomes for Australian kids

“Start your journey of understanding with TAG’’

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