“When we’re free to share our culture and identity, we provoke hope in ourselves and others. We believe that what we present to the world and how we engage in it, can change the world – for the better”

What is TAG?

TAG is a bridge between those who do not know about the Indigenous culture, and Indigenous people who are willing to share aspects of their culture. TAG provides various programs and avenues for young Indigenous Australians to explore and share their culture and story.

TAG was founded in 2018, and has since provided many cultural sessions, and engaged with over 1500 students. TAG has been the link for many schools who want to start their journey to gain an understanding and respect for Australia’s first people. TAG provides training & employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians, enabling them to explore their own story, connect with their culture and history.

  • TAG provides reliable, cultural immersion programs.
  • TAG promotes pride in Aboriginal & Torres strait Islander culture, for all Australians – igniting the spark of hope within us all.
  • Our traditional games programs expose participants to Indigenous ways of life, through sport.
  • TAG can tailor immersion programs that meet current curriculum standards.
  • TAG provides job opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

“TAG will educate every Australian child about the Indigenous culture, and our way of life, giving every one, the key to embracing our history – changing the next generation.”